zondag 19 mei 2013

A new buildpackage

Buildpackage V0.02 is up. 

 You can find the new buildpackage here

There are several things noteworthy about this update.

A version of the firmware that runs on ramps has been added. This firmware (Beta 0.01) is still very buggy, but runs nicely on ramps and has yielded me some prints.

Technical drawings
I have taken the time to make technical drawings with exploded views and BOM's. I won't be making any step by step building instructions, but I hope this will compensate that.
One of the technical drawings

STL parts
I have updated the stl parts to include the new depositer, which is easier to build and actually works. Also the pistons are now driven by NEMA17 motors.

I have included a schematic of the Ramps and a schematic of the laser driver in the buildpackage. I have also added a pdf of the pcb, but this one is untested. I have built both my laser drivers on experimental pcb's. I do have the tools to make a pcb, but I like soldering the board myself if I only need small quantities. 

In the Buildpackage.pdf you can find lists of needed parts, specifications and instructions. It is not yet fully finished, but it is the most recent version with the most information available.

Forgotten parts
Time for a little confession, I forgot a not unimportant (I refuse to say important) part. The part that links the piston motors with the M4 lead screw. I will include this in the new buildpackage, but until then it is not in the build package.

The problem with the link is that it is made with a lathe. Since you probably don't have a lathe available, you wouldn't be able to make it anyway. I am going to work on a printable version.

Now the sad part
I am busy with school. I myself will not work on this for at least a month. In Juli, I will resume work on focus. I have two things planned, A 9W fiber laser and a inkjet nozzle. How much of this I am going to do is still unknown, but you will see in good time.

Dragonator out

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  1. Hi Dragonator,

    I just stumbled across your blog and am very interested in your progress. I have been toying with the idea of building an SLS machine for over a year, and started printing parts last week using my trusty old MakerBot.
    I would love to have a conversation with you to discuss your progress so far. I have got hold of a 2W 808nm laser with housing and optics, and will be moving toward what you have achieved so far.
    Drop me a line if you are interested in collaborating.

    1. I would be very interested in collaborating.

      Progress so far is what is there to see. I have made a few small wire cubes, but with Focus, it is really hard to print real parts. I am going to convert Focus into inkjet (3DP) myself, but I am more than willing to provide support if you want to experiment with SLS.

      I am currently not very busy with this project. I have a lot of different projects (GlaDOS ceiling lamp, printable pipboy, multicopter) and I work on Focus less than I should.

      I am currently very busy to make a multicopter for aerial photography and video, but after that I am starting to make new parts and modify the firmware so Focus can print using inkjet.

      Only after I receive a better laser I will start experimenting with SLS again. I got a 7,5W fiber laser that should come available. this laser is capable of melting metal powders. My dual laser aimed at one spot is far from ideal.

      However, don't let all this talk about how I have failed so far to get it working discourage you. I specialize in building things, not dialing them in and adjusting them. Building it always was the easy part. Finding something that I can print with it always was the hard part. If someone could find a real use for this printer, I would be thrilled.